Thermomixing update

The fun continues, with a third little eater now at our table.

Not everything AJWjnr is eating is from the Thermomix (we’re also working our way through a Women’s Weekly classic baby and toddler cookbook and One Handed Cooks’ 100 First Finger Foods)  but we’re having lots of fun trying new things in it and sharing them with her.

See some of my gathered Thermomix resources here, and feel free to recommend more, especially those with healthy options for little eaters. (Still loving the raw lamington truffles too!)

WP_20160303_20_12_08_Pro Okonomiyaki
From Steph Berg via Iron Shellie
I knew we’d be using Mixxy for baby foods – in my mind, this would be lot of pureeing. Then I heard some moms of older babies in our mother’s group talking about this thing called baby led weaning. We’re now giving it a red hot go, though I still purée some stuff when I over or undercook something. Anyhoo, I saw a friend had made some okonomayaki for her baby, and immediately googled “Thermomix okonomayaki”. This recipe was amaaaaazing. We want to make this every single night, with teriyaki chicken too, but the frying  makes it bit of a treat meal. (We offered AJWjnr her pancake without the sauce, which would have blown out her sodium allowance, I think.)
DSC06575_edited Banana oat pancakes
From Mrs D plus 3
Kidlet lovvvvves these. So do we. Can totally be made without a thermomix, but the smoother consistency is really nice with one. Happy weekends!
IMG_7063 Steamed salmon

We steamed some salmon for AJWjnr in the varoma. I think it was a bit bland for her, so next time we’ll try some low sodium seasonings.

 DSC02952 DSC02974 Pavlova
From Dani Valent
AJWsnr has now jumped in more on the Thermomix fun – he’s becoming known around here for his pavlova! It’s a Dani Valent recipe recommended to us by another thermomixing expat here in Princeton. The Thermomix really shines on recipes like this – because it’s a machine, it’s more consistent than our whipping attempts, so the egg whites come out beautifully. And it cooks them slightly at 37c too, which helps to stabilise them nicely. I’m so keen to make macarons in it – just need a few baby-free hours!
 DSC04453 Brioche
From the Basic Cookbook
We’ve had mixed results so far with bread in the thermomix (am going to try some of the Thermomumma recipes soon). But the brioche recipe from the Basic Cookbook worked a treat!
 WP_20160305_21_05_09_Pro Nut butter
From Quirky Cooking
Another Quirky Cooking win! The opportunity to make our own butters, doughs and so on had been a big selling point in getting a Thermomix. It took me ages to actually get round to making the nut butter, but wow it’s so good, and lasts in the fridge a while too. Yummy on fruits like apples and pears, and in porridge, mmm.
 DSC06054 Frozen smoothie mix

I’m part of the Skinnymixers Facebook community, and spotted a picture like this for frozen fruit smoothie mixes. We’re now stocked up, and they’re great for baby and mum to share. No particular recipe, but there’s banana, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry and spinach, and you blitz it with some almond milk.

 DSC05130 Poached eggs and hollandaise sauce
From TrissaliciousWe lovvvved having ham when we were home in Australia for Christmas. There was ham for days and days! A friend posted a photo of their Boxing Day eggs benedict on Facebook – so sure enough, we googled “eggs benedict, thermomix” an we ended up making some, to the bemusement of my parents. Delicious, though the 40 minute egg-cooking means you have to be a bit patient and not starving, it’s not an eat-when-you-wake up kind of breakfast.
 DSC07308 Baked beans
From Quirky CookingWe had some amazing baked beans at a barbeque restaurant in Florida last year, so wanted to try making some at home. These were pretty great, except I forgot to soak the beans long enough 😦 Flavour was amazing though. Tinned beans next time, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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