1. You’re giving me a strange obsession with humidity.

I’d read about Jersey’s summer humidity before we got here, so was ok with that. But now in winter, it’s crazy dry in our furnace-heated house, so a good humidifier is the only bastion between us and the North East’s nasty viruses. I’ve learnt way too much about humidifying recently. For example, I probably read 97% of this ridiculously detailed product review before purchasing the latest fix.

2. You confuse me over this whole self serve thing.

Dad?! What are you doing? AJWjnr's first interstate road trip.
Dad?! What are you doing? AJWjnr’s first interstate road trip.

Let me get this right: I can’t pump my own gas, but I do have to pack my own grocery bags? (I’m ok with that, but it makes me stop and think first, is this one of the shops where I do it, the sports club kids do it, or the cashier does it?) My new default, especially with the baby, is to stand there confused until someone steps in to help the bewildered Australian.

3. You’re bringing me down… to earth.

20160227_195241579_iOS_editedThere’s something about you and your 9000+ farms, something wonderful that is seeping slowly into my soul. I don’t know how long we’ll be in the garden state, but I’m so thankful for the chance to live here and see all the different ways of life, the struggles and successes of all sorts of businesses and families. Including ours.


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